about me

Dr. med. Susanne Bässler-Weber
born 1956

-Married, 3 adult children
-Partnership with gynaecologist Dr. Friedrich Abegg since October 1993
-Doctoral thesis on the safety of home births
-Additional title in classic homeopathy with a diploma in homeopathy
-B-Diploma in acupuncture (3 year degree, parallel to full time job, at the University Witten/Herdecke)
-Ultrasound degum I
-Integrated homeopathic contracts (Info: → www.welt-der-homoeopathie.de)
-Moderator for medical quality circle

Foreign language: Englisch

AKF: Working group women’s health in medicine, psychotherapy and Society → www.akf-info.de
QUAG:Scientific advisory member in the society for quality management in home birth’s → www.quag.de
AFS: Free nursing group → www.afs-akinternet.de
DZVhÄ: German committee for homeopathic doctors → www.dzvhae.de
DEGUM: German committee for ultrasound in medicine → www.degum.de
BVF: Union of gynaecologists → www.bvf.de
DGGG: German committee for prenatal care and gynaecology → www.dggg.de
DGPM: German committee for prenatal medicine → www.dgpm-online.org